> 14/04/2014 - Dream Big - Creative Arts Programme!
After teaching art (with no previous experience or relevant qualifications :/ ) for a few hours a week since October 2012 it's time to say goodbye to some amazing kids I would experiment creating art with and have heaps of fun together :(

More photos here.

> 07/04/2014 - The Gang - New Solo Show!

> 31/03/2014 - The Gang!

> 24/03/2014 - WANA: The Gang!
Introducing The Gang! Find out more about them here.

> 17/03/2014

> 10/03/2014 - New Plymouth!
Check out photos from the event here.

> 03/03/2014 - Get Up Festival in New Plymouth!

> 24/02/2014 - New TGTB Zine: Issue 08 - Disturbing Behaviour!
The next TGTB Zine issue is now available to view for free online! Not too sure what to say about it except for the name of the issue says it all.

Check it out here.

> 17/02/2014 - Donna's Japanese Garden!
As part of the research for a trip to Japan later this year I helped my friend Donna make her Japanese Garden mainly by shovelling dirt and stones and moving some MASSIVE rocks....again....and AGAIN!

Donna: Do you think you can move those rocks? They look pretty heavy to me.
TGTB: Well you don't know until you try (*I go to lift a rock and feel a strange pain in my back).
Donna: Don't hurt yourself!
TGTB: It's all good (*I try one more time then feel an even sharper pain and realize I've put my back out).
Donna: Are you ok?
TGTB: (*Hunched over in pain) Of course...

To see the amount of work Donna put into deciding what elements to use and her thoughts behind where to place it all was really interesting. Can't wait to see more in Japan!

> 10/02/2014 - TGTB Caught Outside The Te Papa Museum In Wellington!

> 03/02/2014 - Christchurch City!
After last years trip to Christchurch in December I was looking for any excuse to go back and explore more of the city.

Amongst the destruction caused by the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 there's an overwhelming sense of life and excitement which draws me back.

As the city continues to rebuild, buildings in the CBD which were once hubs of activity for locals and visitors still stand as haunting reminders of this tragic event.

My next issue of 'The Good, The Bad' zine gives you an inside look into some of these buildings.

New issue coming soon...

> 27/01/2014 - Heavenly Creatures!
Here's a sneak peek into a new collaborative project for 2014 called 'Heavenly Creatures'. More details coming soon...